Desert of My Real Life


This movie has received a lot of critical praise, with a 90% positive critics score on Rotten Tomatoes. It might be telling, however, that its positive audience score is only 56%. I was really looking forward to this movie. And I liked the first half (maybe not quite half). In the early part of the movie, the secrets of this family were slowly revealed with each secret painting a picture of true, but interesting, dysfunction and mental illness. Toni Collette is convincing and scary as a mother who is barely holding things together. But then the story takes a turn toward the supernatural and devolves into a nonsensical mess. The fact that it ends with a voice over monologue from one of the villains of the movie to explain what has just happened should tell us that there are problems with the logic of the narrative. Even with this monologue, the movie lacks internal consistency. Very disappointing, especially because the story started off so promisingly.

With Ann at Smitty’s.

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