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Juliet, Naked

Nick Hornby‘s enjoyable novels have been made into some great movies–About a Boy and High Fidelity come to mind. Juliet, Naked is one of my favorite Hornby novels and this adaptation is the best yet, I think. Chris O’Dowd is perfect as super-fan Duncan and Rose Byrne is wonderful as his girlfriend, Annie. But Ethan Hawke (who I’m not always a big fan of) steals the movie with his spot on portrayal of Tucker Crowe, a long-faded rock musician whose one album, Juliet, is the subject of cult-like adoration by Duncan and his online friends. This movie is not deep or particularly profound but it feels like real life. It is also notable in being a movie that changes the plot of the novel a bit but does so for the better. Loved the book, loved the movie. Highly recommended!

I saw it with Pat and Al.


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