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July 2020 Movies

Eurovision: The Story of Fire Saga ☆☆☆

Typically uneven Will Ferrell movie. Rachel McAdams and Dan Stevens were fantastically fun and there was a lot to smile about. Ferrell was all right but it really annoyed me that he was playing the childhood best friend forever of McAdams’ character. He looks so much older than she does. And in real life, he is 11 years older. So childhood friends doesn’t make sense and it’s a typical male conceit in movies. Annoying.

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The Old Guard ☆☆☆☆☆

I love Charlize Theron in pretty much everything she does so I figured I was going to like this movie. I was unprepared for the story itself, however. I didn’t expect it to be so compelling. I didn’t expect to like the characters as much as I did. I loved how the relationships were portrayed and the way the characters talked about the importance of those relationships. The ending of the movie clearly set up a sequel so I look forward to that whenever it comes out. Highly recommend!

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A Perfect Ending ☆

Not much to say about this one other than it was awful. I was really annoyed by the cinematography … lots of extreme closeups of random objects. Unbelievable plot heavy on the melodrama.

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Lenox Hill ☆☆☆☆

A docuseries that follows 4 doctors at Lenox Hill hospital in New York City. Two of the doctors are white, male neurosurgeons. The other two are women of color, one in the ER and the other in obstetrics, both of whom are pregnant at the start of the series. These choices are why I didn’t give the series 5 stars. But I did end up really liking all 4 of them. The final episode was filmed significantly after the first 8 episodes and takes place during the massive Covid-19 outbreak in NYC in March and April. It was heartbreaking but also fascinating to watch the doctors have to drop their specializations to care for Covid patients.

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Straight Up ☆☆☆☆

Todd is a gay man, or a bi-sexual man, or maybe a straight man. Most likely gay. But with his OCD and aversion to bodily fluids, relationships with men are challenging and kind of gross him out. So he becomes romantically involved with Rory but they have no physical relationship. Because he’s gay. Or at least bi-sexual. The dialog is clever. Both characters are likeable. The situation is just sad because it’s clear they really do love each other. The ending implies a happy ending. And Bananagrams is prominently featured.

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Concussion ☆☆☆

Not the 2015 Will Smith movie. This one is about a bored lesbian housewife named Abby. She suffers a serious concussion early on which I think is supposed to explain her behavior for the rest of the movie. She and her wife have suffered lesbian bed death but through a couple of twists, Abby becomes a prostitute for women who want to have sex with a woman. (A Perfect Ending had a prostitute having sex with a bored housewife as well but it was a very different story line.) The only reason this movie got 3 stars instead of 2 is that Abby is played by Robin Weigert (Calamity Jane in Deadwood) and her best friend is play by Janel Moloney (Donna in The West Wing). That is, the acting is good.

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