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September 2020 Movies

Love Guaranteed ☆☆☆

Completely predictable, innocuous romantic comedy. Pleasant but not deep. Just what we needed on the Saturday evening when we were watching it.

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Good Kisser ☆

Why are so many lesbian movies so bad? The behavior of the characters is often bizarre and not well-motivated by whatever is going on in the narrative or by what we know up to that point about the character. Disappointing.

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The Tiger Hunter ☆☆☆

Set in the 1970s, a story about an Indian immigrant in the US trying to get a job as an engineer by inventing the first microwave oven that doesn’t catch on fire.

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Pen15 ☆☆☆☆

If I had reviewed this show after watching the first season only, it would easily have been 5 stars. I loved the first season, especially two episodes–Solo and POSH. I watched that season on Netflix. I loved it so much I started a free trial on Hulu so that I could watch the second season. Only half the season has been released on Hulu so far and I really hated it. The only reason I kept watching is because I loved the first season so much. In fact, I would give the first half of the second season only 1 star. My love for the first season was stronger than my dislike of the second so that’s how I got to 4 stars.

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Criminal ☆☆☆☆☆

Only 7 episodes over 2 seasons leaves me wanting so much more of this outstanding show. Each episode focuses on the interrogation of a suspect in a different crime. This means that it is completely dialog focused. An actor’s dream. I especially liked the second episode of the first season.

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