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Why is PSU Moving to Clusters?

President Birx wrote a blog post (which I've referenced more times than I can count) about the Four Tools of Clusters. It's important to note that three of the four tools are directly related to the General Education program at Plymouth State University. I am starting to take on my responsibilities as the new (first!)…

The New Education: First Year Seminar

I've been busy for the last month or so IndieWebifying my web site. That's been really fun. ButĀ  I've also been started planning for my new position as Coordinator of General Education. Accepted students will start coming to campus this week for orientation which means that First Year Seminar is on my mind. Because of…


Wicked Problems April 27th, 2018, 12:30 to 1:30 at HUB Hage Room Rachelle Lyons and I will be presenting a workshop on wicked problems for anyone interested in the topic. This will be especially interesting for First Year Seminar instructors. Additional details can be found here.

PCA 2018

I went to the Popular Culture Association Conference last week.Ā  My presentation was calledĀ Wicked Problems in Popular Culture:Ā An Open Pedagogy Experiment in EngagementĀ in which I talked about my experience with the First Year Seminar. Although it doesn't include everything I said during my presentation, you can see my slide deck here: Presentation.

Students’ Signature Work: Conference Debrief

The Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) and the Davis Educational Foundation sponsored a one day institute in Boston this weekend for institutions of higher education who want to learn more about "signature work." What is signature work? Here's what AAC&U says: In Signature Work, a student uses his or her cumulative learning to…

The First Year Seminar and Wicked Problems

The First Year Seminar Coordinating Council (FYSCC) is facilitating a workshop during Plymouth State University'sĀ January Jamboree. We will beĀ discussing the changes we envision as the First Year Seminar (FYS) becomes our students' introduction to the cluster initiative. One of the biggest changes (although it might not seem like a big change at first) is that…