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Category: Artificial Intelligence

This startup is setting a DALL-E 2-like AI free, consequences be damned | TechCrunch

But Stable Diffusion’s lack of safeguards compared to systems like DALL-E 2 poses tricky ethical questions for the AI community. Even if the results aren’t perfectly convincing yet, making fake images of public figures opens a large can of worms. And making the raw components of the system freely available leaves the door open to bad actors who could train them on subjectively inappropriate content, like pornography and graphic violence. Source: This startup is setting […]

The Eighty Five Percent Rule for optimal learning | Nature Communications

Here, we examine the role of a single variable, the difficulty of training, on the rate of learning. In many situations we find that there is a sweet spot in which training is neither too easy nor too hard, and where learning progresses most quickly. We derive conditions for this sweet spot for a broad class of learning algorithms in the context of binary classification tasks. For all of these stochastic gradient-descent based learning algorithms, […]

Heads-Up Limit Hold’em Poker Is Solved | November 2017 | Communications of the ACM

In this paper, we announced that heads-up limit Texas hold’em poker is essentially weakly solved. This is the first nontrivial imperfect information game played competitively by humans to be solved. Even still, the reader may ask what is the ultimate significance of solving poker? The breakthroughs behind this result are general algorithmic advances that make game-theoretic reasoning in large-scale models of any sort more tractable. Source: Heads-Up Limit Hold’em Poker Is Solved | November 2017 […]