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Category: Artificial Intelligence

Machine learned cruelty and border control – Artifice of Intelligence

This “pedagogy of robots” is deployed on military applications, border control technologies and the instruments of bio and necropolitical control. As an extension to the pedagogy of cruelty, the technological applications that automatize inhumanity. Paradoxically, while creating more human machines, algorithms are transferred the most inhumane aspects of being human. “Machine learning” then, as an…

Special Issue on AI in Education

Proposals are invited for papers for a special issue of the journal on the theme of AI and Education: critical perspectives and alternative futures. The special issue will be edited by Ben Williamson (University of Stirling, UK) and Rebecca Eynon (University of Oxford, UK). via Pocket: Learning, Media & Technology Join the conversation

Google’s AI Work

Google has released a set of principles to guide its work in artificial intelligence, making good on a promise to do so last month following controversy over its involvement in a Department of Defense drone project. The document, titled “Artificial Intelligence at Google: our principles,” does not directly reference this work, but makes clear that…

AI Algorithms and Bias

Their research set out to prove that the method of input used to teach a machine learning an algorithm can greatly influence its later behavior. The scientists argued that when algorithms are accused of being biased or unfair, such as the high-profile cases of Facebook news or Google Photos, "the culprit is often not the algorithm itself but the…