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Category: Artificial Intelligence

Special Issue on AI in Education

Proposals are invited for papers for a special issue of the journal on the theme of AI and Education: critical perspectives and alternative futures. The special issue will be edited by Ben Williamson (University of Stirling, UK) and Rebecca Eynon (University of Oxford, UK). via Pocket: Learning, Media & Technology Join the conversation

Google’s AI Work

Google has released a set of principles to guide its work in artificial intelligence, making good on a promise to do so last month following controversy over its involvement in a Department of Defense drone project. The document, titled “Artificial Intelligence at Google: our principles,” does not directly reference this work, but makes clear that…

AI Algorithms and Bias

Their research set out to prove that the method of input used to teach a machine learning an algorithm can greatly influence its later behavior. The scientists argued that when algorithms are accused of being biased or unfair, such as the high-profile cases of Facebook news or Google Photos, "the culprit is often not the algorithm itself but the…