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HRP-UngradingHandbook2020_V1.5-Fillable.pdf – Google Drive

Ungrading is heavily supported by child developmental psychology and issupported by learning experts. Our obsession with standardization, rankand filing, and “competition” in education has distracted us from whatworks best for children.* Source: HRP-UngradingHandbook2020_V1.5-Fillable.pdf – Google Drive

The importance of stupidity in scientific research | Journal of Cell Science | The Company of Biologists

Even though this is about science and PhD students, I think it applies to wicked problems in general and undergraduate students. First, I don’t think students are made to understand how hard it is to do research. And how very, very hard it is to do important research. It’s a lot harder than taking even very demanding courses. What makes it difficult is that research is immersion in the unknown. We just don’t know what […]

Academic Cheating: Are We Asking the Right Questions?

We now live in an environment in which facts, figures and rich data are instantly available at our fingertips; the internet has become our “extended memory.” One must ask, are our testing policies and practices in higher education keeping up with these advances? Source: Academic Cheating: Are We Asking the Right Questions?