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Ways to Spark Inspiration – Carla Kopp

I sometimes really want to design a game with a specific mechanism. Why? I’m not entirely sure, but my game design style usually involves creating a game with a specific mechanism, then moving on to a new and different mechanism. I like experiencing a ton of different ways for players to interact, rather than seeing how I can reimplement the same mechanism in a new and interesting way. Source: Ways to Spark Inspiration – Carla […]

Ways to Spark Inspiration – Carla Kopp

I always work better under specific constraints. Giving yourself several of them can actually make it so much easier to get a direction for a design. It’s partially due to the fact that, when you make a game without limitations, it can be about absolutely anything and with any number of mechanics. Choosing between the overwhelming vastness of infinite possibilities can be surprisingly difficult. But if you limit your choices, they become easier to make. […]

Judith Joy Ross’s Timeless and Empathic Portraits

When she was coming up, Ross entered a world dominated by the iconographic portraits of Richard Avedon, Irving Penn, and Diane Arbus, pictures often first published in magazines, where they had to leap off the page. Ross’s work, in a range of subtler tones, operates differently. Her contact prints are almost never bigger than the 8-by-10 dimensions of the negative. To enlarge them, she believes, could be “exploitive.” Of the prints’ scale and intimacy, Ross […]