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Category: Creativity

Do You suffer from Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS)? – The Board Game Design Course

It’s so easy to set aside a game you’re working on, especially if you run into a problem you don’t yet have a solution for. But if you continually move on to the next game before the last one has reached greatness, you run the risk of getting into this perpetual cycle. Source: Do You […]

The Creative Process: For a More Creative Brain, Follow These 5 Steps

innovative ideas happen when you develop new combinations of old elements. In other words, creative thinking is not about generating something new from a blank slate, but rather about taking what is already present and combining those bits and pieces in a way that has not been done previously. Source: The Creative Process: For a […]

Judith Joy Ross’s Timeless and Empathic Portraits

When she was coming up, Ross entered a world dominated by the iconographic portraits of Richard Avedon, Irving Penn, and Diane Arbus, pictures often first published in magazines, where they had to leap off the page. Ross’s work, in a range of subtler tones, operates differently. Her contact prints are almost never bigger than the […]