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Disruptive Pedagogy and the Practice of Freedom | Hybrid Pedagogy

To embrace “education as the practice of freedom” is to understand that there is no legitimate conversation about disruption in education that doesn’t include a focus on fighting oppression. Ultimately, what all teachers want is to provide a profound educational experience for students. In order to genuinely pursue such a profound educational experience, those of…

What is IndieWeb & why should you care? | W. Ian O’Byrne

In broadest terms I would define being part of the IndieWeb as owning your own domain name and hosting some sort of website as a means of identifying yourself and attempting to communicate with others on the internet. Put simply, it could be the knowledge, skills, and dispositions (attitudes/aptitudes) necessary to build and maintain your own presence online. It could also be…

With Changing Students and Times, Colleges Are Going Back to School – The New York Times

During his 12-year tenure, Mr. Aoun has essentially turned over the reins of the institution to students and employers. The school’s acclaimed cooperative education and career development program, called Co-op, sends more than 90 percent of its students into paying jobs around the world. Students complete two Co-ops, sometimes three, over the course of their…

Special Issue on AI in Education

Proposals are invited for papers for a special issue of the journal on the theme of AI and Education: critical perspectives and alternative futures. The special issue will be edited by Ben Williamson (University of Stirling, UK) and Rebecca Eynon (University of Oxford, UK). via Pocket: Learning, Media & Technology Join the conversation