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Category: Game Studies

The Default Number of Players is One – KEITH BURGUN GAMES

I believe I have isolated the fundamental properties of a certain kind of machine. It is a machine which arranges its information in such a way so that a user may make inputs to the system and receive meaningful feedback about that system. The user is attempting to reach a certain state – the “win” state – and makes inputs that he or she believes will lead the system closer towards that state. Source: The […]

Randomness, and “Random Value Absorption Thresholds” – KEITH BURGUN GAMES

As with many things in game design, the objective with this random value is to make sure that we have enough of it that it’s doing the job of randomness, but not so much that it is the thing driving the car. We want the player to be mainly driving the car; we want the final outcome to be a pretty darn clear result of the player’s inputs throughout the match. We don’t want players […]