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Category: How-To

Using Microformats

In short, microformats are simple, open data formats that are built on existing standards for markup and data. Designers and developers use microformats to add structure and meaning to web publishing by adding metadata and other attributes to existing (X)HTML elements. via Getting Semantic With Microformats, Introduction ~ A Blog Not Limited

Coding Chrome Extensions

Let’s talk about browser extensions, or more specifically how to build your first Chrome extension. I went to a class a few weeks ago where we had a lot of fun creating this very silly extension with a few lines of code. I thought I would share it, so you all can try it out…

Adding Post-Kinds

Adding a new Post Kind primarily consists of three broad pieces  which I’ll address below. The modularity of the plugin makes adding most of the internals for a new kind far simpler than one might imagine. via Manually adding a new post kind to the Post Kinds Plugin for WordPress