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Category: Info-environmentalism

Ctrl-F: Helping make networks more resilient against misinformation can be as simple as two fingers » Nieman Journalism Lab

People have a limited amount of effort they’ll expend on verification, the lack of knowledge here may be as big a barrier as other cognitive biases. Why we aren’t vigorously addressing issues like this in order to build a more resilient information network (or even to just help students study efficiently!) is something I continue […]

Deconstructing the Disinformation War – MediaWell

It will be impossible to defeat all perpetrators of disinformation, or successfully anticipate where all the threats might emerge from. Communities must anticipate that the worst will happen and develop processes to nimbly manage the harm. We should spend more time thinking about how to organize the “first responders” to disinformation and misinformation disasters, rather […]

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