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Deconstructing the Disinformation War – MediaWell

Perhaps the most important contribution a climate paradigm might make to thinking about the problems of “information disorder” is to change the nature of our responses to these issues. The conflict narrative suggests a future moment of triumph, when the perpetrators of disinformation and the spread of misinformation are finally vanquished—the climate frame strikes the notion of “victory” from the agenda. Pollution in the atmosphere is never “defeated” in some absolute sense, it is simply […]


The parallels between the spread of the new strain of coronavirus and the spread of misinformation and confusion about it — between the actual pandemic and what the World Health Organization called an “infodemic” — offer a number of important and urgent lessons in news and information literacy. Source: The Sift: Practicing information hygiene | Coronavirus misinformation | COVID-19 journalism — News Literacy Project

Steps for minimizing our misinformation footprint

Minimize your own “misinformation footprint” by being more thoughtful about what you post and share on social media. Do a quick fact-check first. Shift your focus from arguing points to explaining things to others. Edit and improve Wikipedia articles. Create explanatory YouTube videos. Post pages on blogs or wikis that provide helpful guidance on important issues. Post better answers on question-and-answer websites like Quora or StackExchange. When you do share information, use evidence and cite […]

Cleaning up the information environment

The idea behind “info-environmentalism” is that if our information environment is polluted, we shouldn’t abandon it—instead, we should help to clean it up. That is, if we are frustrated with the content posted on platforms like Facebook or YouTube or with low-quality Google search results, why not clean it up by posting as much reliable information as we can? Source: Information Hygiene and Info-Environmentalism – Introduction to College Research