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Building an IndieWeb Reader

One of the major missing pieces of the IndieWeb ecosystem has been having an integrated reading an posting experience that mirrors the ease with which it's possible to post and follow on Twitter and other silo apps. via Pocket: Building an IndieWeb Reader

Taking Back the Web

In these times of centralised services like Facebook, Twitter, and Medium, having your own website is downright disruptive. If you care about the longevity of your online presence, independent publishing is the way to go. But how can you get all the benefits of those third-party services while still owning your own data? By using…

Adding Post-Kinds

Adding a new Post Kind primarily consists of three broad pieces  which I’ll address below. The modularity of the plugin makes adding most of the internals for a new kind far simpler than one might imagine. via Manually adding a new post kind to the Post Kinds Plugin for WordPress

Intro to the IndieWeb

The purpose of the IndieWeb movement is to help put you in control of your web presence, allow you a more true sense of ownership of your content, and to allow you to be better connected to your friends, family, colleagues, and communities. via An Introduction to the IndieWeb

How Higher Ed Can Save the Web

If the web was indeed a revolution, it sometimes seems to have entered its Reign of Terror phase. But the resolution doesn't lie in a return to the equivalent of the monarchy—the old gatekeepers of institutional knowledge and power. That path leads to another Napoleon. Rather, the same higher education institutions whose hierarchy and gatekeeping…

Pedagogy and Platforms

Another aspect of my teaching is rethinking the notion of "consent." It's important to ask: What would the web look like if surveillance capitalism, information asymmetry, and digital redlining were not at the root of most of what students do online? We don't know the answer. But if higher education is to "save the web,"…