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IndieWeb technology for online pedagogy

Very slick! Greg McVerry, a professor, can post all of the readings, assignments, etc. for his EDU522 online course on his own website, and I can indicate that I’ve read the pieces, watched the videos, or post my responses to assignments and other classwork (as well as to fellow classmates’ work and questions) on my…

Chris Aldrich on the IndieWeb

I use this website as my primary hub for online presence and communication. I try to follow the tenets of the IndieWeb movement in owning all of my own data and in publishing on my own site and syndicating elsewhere (POSSE), so most of my presence in various parts of social media typically originates from the…

note –

Owning the content is the first step, but it shouldn't be the only step. I wholeheartedly disagree with WordPress' attitude, making people avoid technical responsibility1 - people should care, they should be at least be aware of what's happening when they press a publish button. They needn't have to be capable of doing it from…

This is my IndieWeb | Jeremy Cherfas

Mildred Marianne asked How do you define #IndieWeb? and a couple of us weighed in. My own brief answer concluded "More a state of mind than a thing, I'd say" but Chris Aldrich went into a lot more detail. via This is my IndieWeb | Jeremy Cherfas