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A Socialist Alternative to Human Capital Theory?

For the authors, individual skill levels must develop beyond those required by the job as such, which in most cases remains at a low to middling level in the mass economy. Learning should be seen as central to the individual’s entire life and not mainly as an investment in a wage. Getting a job is important but must be treated as a (generally inevitable) byproduct of higher education and not its aim. Higher education must […]

The importance of stupidity in scientific research | Journal of Cell Science | The Company of Biologists

Even though this is about science and PhD students, I think it applies to wicked problems in general and undergraduate students. First, I don’t think students are made to understand how hard it is to do research. And how very, very hard it is to do important research. It’s a lot harder than taking even very demanding courses. What makes it difficult is that research is immersion in the unknown. We just don’t know what […]