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Principled Uncertainty: Why Learning to Ask Good Questions Matters More than Finding Answers | PIL Provocation Series

What can we do as educators to encourage the ethical practice of curiosity, not just for times of uncertainty but as an everyday habit? What are we doing that inhibits curiosity? How can we pair curiosity with robust ethical practices that lead to creating, evaluating, and sharing information with integrity? And, in an already deeply divided society with a fractured media landscape, how can we be prepared for the ways these ambiguous moments of not […]

Dissenting from algorithms

So, how can we make algorithmic systems more democratic, so that collective decision-making can be expansive rather than restrictive? This essay explores three intersections of AI and dissent: dissenting from algorithmic decisions, protecting political dissent, and fostering the sensibility to dissent from a given system. Source: A New AI Lexicon: Dissent. Can an algorithmic system produce… | by AI Now Institute | A New AI Lexicon | Jul, 2021 | Medium