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Security Theater

Nothing captures the public's attention like a named killer.  Jack the Ripper.  The Boston Strangler.  Son of Sam.  Zodiac.  The Night Stalker.  The Green River Killer.   Last month, a new…

FaceBook: A Hotel California?

Robin forwarded an article called How Sticky Is Membership on FaceBook?  Just Try Breaking Free from the New York Times.  Of course, because I'm completely addicted to FaceBook, my first…

You Can’t Always Believe Your Eyes

In yet another step toward hyperreality, it has been revealed that the opening ceremonies at the Beijing Olympics were (partially) faked. If you watched the spectacle on television, you were…

Back on the Wii Remote

I finally played with the Wii again today after staying away from it since my unfortunate encounter with a post (which you can read about here). My hand still isn't…

Did Robin Williams Say That?

Jeannette recently told us about an email that she received that is supposed to be a transcript of a "comedy" routine by Robin Williams. We discussed the fact that we…

A Tale of Wii Woe

I suffered my first (and, I hope, only) Wii injury last night playing tennis by myself against the computer. Because I was only going to play a match or two…
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