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Biographies of Creative Women

I wrote in my previous post about one of the main things I've been focused on during the pandemic. But since the pandemic started, I also have been listening to…

Cancer: A Timeline

  I was diagnosed with cancer in September of last year. I decided to record the timeline of my treatment progression, mostly so I can remember it. But I thought…
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The Dispossessed

I'm reading Ursula K. LeGuin's The Dispossessed and am fascinated by the portrait of the three societies in the novel. An interesting side note is that my copy of the…
Movie/TV Review

September 2020 Movies

Love Guaranteed ☆☆☆ Completely predictable, innocuous romantic comedy. Pleasant but not deep. Just what we needed on the Saturday evening when we were watching it. On Netflix with Ann, Pat,…
Movie/TV Review

August 2020 Movies

Y Tu Mama Tambien ☆☆☆ I saw this movie when it came out in 2001 and really liked it. I remembered some key details but clearly forgot others. I think…
Movie/TV Review

July 2020 Movies

Eurovision: The Story of Fire Saga ☆☆☆ Typically uneven Will Ferrell movie. Rachel McAdams and Dan Stevens were fantastically fun and there was a lot to smile about. Ferrell was…
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