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I have been looking for resources that address the special challenges of remote facilitation of project-based learning. Here are the pages that I have found so far that will help with the theory-informed practice of PBL in the age of remote learning:

PBLWorks Remote PBL Resources

Center for Project-Based Learning Remote PBL Resources

Best Practices for Project-Based Learning Online

Understanding Project-Based Learning in the Online Classroom

Making Distance Learning Deeper Learning

How to Deliver Deeper Learning During the Coronavirus Shutdown

How to Build an Online Learning Community: 6 Theses

The following resources aren’t about remote PBL in particular but have information about PBL that might help us make decisions about how to be effective remotely.

What are the Elements of an Effective Project?

Messy Learning, Clear Objectives

The following resources aren’t about PBL in particular but have information about learning and teaching during a pandemic might be helpful.

Leading Adult Learners During Covid-19

A Trauma Informed Approach to Teaching Through Coronavirus




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