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climate change one pager assignment

Climate Change One Pager Assignment

My section of the Tackling a Wicked Problem course is focused on climate change. I gave the students the following list of phrases and challenged them to explain the ways in which each of these relate to the climate change wicked problem: Geoengineering Hockey Stick Graph Tourism Greenhouse Effect Carbon Dioxide Rainforest Robert Downey, Jr.…

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Cluster Learning, Community, and Change

With more than 70 of my colleagues, I have spent a significant portion of my summer participating in the Cluster Pedagogy Learning Community (CPLC). Although the community will continue to work for the full academic year, our final assignment of the summer asks us to “discuss your key takeaways from the CPLC experience so far,…

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One Pagers–First Attempts

Pat Cantor recently posted about a tool she is going to use in her Tackling a Wicked Problem class this fall: one pagers. I’m intrigued and intimidated by the idea and so thought I’d share some thoughts. Pat posted a couple of links to explain what one pagers are: and The idea is…

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INCAP Report

This is part of the report that I am planning to submit to the General Education Committee at PSU next week reflecting on our experiences with our potential new Integrated Capstone course(s). The only bit that needs to be completed is the recommendations. Even though that part isn’t done yet, I thought some people might…

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TWP and Information Literacy: An Action Plan

I’m in the middle of planning my section of Tackling a Wicked Problem for the Fall 2019 semester. One of the most important aspects of the class is that students learn about information literacy. We use two frameworks for information literacy in the class. The first is the Seven Pillars Model which was developed by…

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Connections: Cluster Pedagogy and Habits of Mind

For me, pedagogy is part of an always unfinished project intent on developing a meaningful life for all students. –On Critical Pedagogy, Henry Giroux I’ll start this post with a review of the various ideas that we are engaging with at Plymouth State University as we continue our implementation of the Integrated Clusters Learning Model.…

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PSU at the Institute for Project Based Learning

For the last five summers, the Center for Project-Based Learning at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) has offered a project-based learning institute for teams from colleges and universities who are interested in implementing project-based learning as part of their curriculum. This year, Plymouth State University sent a team to learn and work in this intense 3…

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TWP Action Plan

At the June 4 meeting of the Tackling a Wicked Problem instructors group, we were asked to develop an action plan to lay out things we need to learn about and/or do between now and our next meeting on July 30. Here is my action plan. I want to start the first day of the…

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OER for Tackling a Wicked Problem

Draft of the #OER for our new Tackling a Wicked Problem course. Feedback welcome! 

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Domain Camp 2019

I am going to participate in Domain Camp 2019 this summer. It is a community focused on creating, maintaining, and extending domains for educators. The open invitation describes the camp “a set of activities and support areas to help you learn what you can do inside the big cpanel of possibilities (that’s your domain dashboard)”…

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Assessment Conference Debrief

I went to the 3rd Annual Higher Education Assessment Conference in Henniker last week. It’s kind of an amazing conference because it is so cheap to attend–$50 for the main day of the conference and $20 for each half-day workshop the day before the main conference. So I got two days of assessment professional development…

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