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April Movies

The Incredible Jessica James ☆☆☆

There are a couple of really great scenes in this movie but in general, it’s not a particularly funny movie. The main character’s relationship with the children in her theater class are particularly problematic. And the situation that sends her to London at the end of the movie is completely unrealistic and again, problematic because of her relationship with a child.

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Extra Ordinary ☆☆☆☆☆

I loved this movie. It had me laughing from the beginning. The script has some great wordplay and the acting is wonderful. The fact that it’s a rom com makes it even funnier and I completely enjoyed the surprise ending.

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Sorry We Missed You ☆☆☆☆

This is a very well-made movie from Ken Loach that probably shouldn’t be on anyone’s watch list given the challenges we are living through. The beginning of the movie is heart-breaking as the family makes impossible financial choices in the hopes of getting just a little bit ahead. And it gets more and more heart-breaking as story unfolds. The realism of the movie and the situation the family finds itself in are incredibly challenging. If things around us weren’t so dire, I would probably have given this 5 stars.

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The Booksellers ☆☆☆☆

I think I was in a bit of down mood when I watched this documentary about rare booksellers. I expected it to be a feel good documentary but I didn’t feel particularly good after watching it. In fact, I found it kind of depressing. Some of the spaces where the booksellers collected their books were dusty and disorganized and I was reminded of how mahy people struggle with hoarding. There was also a lot of talk from the booksellers about their way of life being destroyed by the Internet. I think feeling down about the movie was really just me though because my friends really enjoyed it and found it kind of uplifting. It was definitely well made and it’s always fascinating to listen to people who are passionate about something talk about those passions.

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