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Google in China Follow-up

A new perspective, one that I hadn't thought of yesterday when I wrote my post about cheering Google's decision to stop censoring search results in China, comes from a Business…

Playing With Swine Flu

Everyone seems to be talking about and planning for the H1N1 virus these days.  My university, for example, sent out a memo to encourage us to plan for extended absences due…

Summer Play

As I've mentioned before, I'm chairing a panel at NeMLA in April about using Web 2.0 technologies to play.  Because of this panel, I've spent much of my summer playing…

Board Games ‘R Us

A friend of mine recently posted a list of board games that she had as a kid (and wished she had never gotten rid of).  She had quite an interesting…

Mob Wars

I have recently been playing Mob Wars on FB. I started because Ann and Liz both invited me to be part of their mobs. I nearly stopped playing after Thanksgiving…

Parking Wars

Earlier this month, I was out for drinks with colleagues. Most of us are friends on FaceBook as well as in real life. A new colleague, Marylena, mentioned that one…


More proof of Ian Bogost's brilliance comes in the form of an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education.  It describes his new game Honorarium.

Kinds of Fun

Sit10 commented on my last entry that a friend had once told her that there is a difference between what men and women find funny. Men laugh because they think,…
GamesMaking Meaning

Game or Sport?

While we were in Barcelona, I picked up the European (Summer Journey Double Issue) edition of Time magazine because it's about the games that people play around the world. A…

Dr. Mario Online Rx

My latest addiction on the Wii is Dr. Mario Online Rx. It's a puzzle game (very similar to Tetris) that came out as WiiWare on May 26, 2008. WiiWare games…

Wii Fit

We recently bought Wii Fit and have been spending a fair amount of time exploring all it has to offer. There are many things that the game does well and…
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Wii Weaknesses

A recent positive experience I had with the Wii exposes a couple of weaknesses in Wii Tennis. Because they enjoyed playing with our Wii so much, Ann and Greg have…

Back on the Wii Remote

I finally played with the Wii again today after staying away from it since my unfortunate encounter with a post (which you can read about here). My hand still isn't…

A Tale of Wii Woe

I suffered my first (and, I hope, only) Wii injury last night playing tennis by myself against the computer. Because I was only going to play a match or two…

King of Kong

A few weeks ago, Ann, Greg, Evelyn and I went to the Red River Theater in Concord and saw King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters. I was prepared to…

Games for Little Ones

The other day, Evelyn and I were in BJ's in Tilton buying large quantities of gum and soap when I spotted a display of games for the Wii. I've been…
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