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One of the principles of the IndieWeb is that we should make tools for ourselves, that is, scratch our own itches first. Here are my itches:

  1. Get Indigenous to work on my phone for my Notes site. It currently works for my main site but not for Notes and I can’t figure out the difference.
  2. Integrate my various sites into a single site that displays all of my content in the way that I want it displayed. I currently have several different sites set up with different themes depending on the content on the site so that it displays the way I want it to.
  3. Get Webmentions to work from all of my devices. I haven’t figured out the work flow yet to do that.
  4. Document all of my IndieWeb workflows. One of the main problems I see at the moment in getting the IndieWeb into the hands of more non-technical people is that the information about it is fragmented and it isn’t particularly easy to know which tools to use to get your site IndieWebified and able to be used on all devices.
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