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Unplugged Vacation

We’re leaving for Spain tomorrow. For the first time since 2000, we are not bringing a computer on vacation with us and so we will be completely unplugged. I’m looking forward to it although I dread the fact that I will have to deal with all that email at once when we get back.

Apparently, whether or not to unplug while on vacation is a serious question that people write about, especially when contemplating going on such a vacation or when having just returned from one. It actually was an easy decision for us–we didn’t want to have to carry a laptop. We’re traveling lean and mean.

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I am currently Professor of Digital Media at Plymouth State University in Plymouth, NH. I am also the current Coordinator of General Education at the University. I am interested in astrophotography, game studies, digital literacies, open pedagogies, and generally how technology impacts our culture.

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  1. carolinebender

    So proud of your electronic detox! Hope you have/had a great time. Hope to see you before the summer ends!

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