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My last post about my frustration with our faculty day speaker prompted some interesting discussion, with several people sharing their own, similar frustrations. So I thought I'd see if I…


More proof of Ian Bogost's brilliance comes in the form of an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education.  It describes his new game Honorarium.

You Can’t Always Believe Your Eyes

In yet another step toward hyperreality, it has been revealed that the opening ceremonies at the Beijing Olympics were (partially) faked. If you watched the spectacle on television, you were…
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FaceBook Revisited

In honor of the recent release of the remake of Brideshead Revisited, I thought it might be interesting to revisit FaceBook.  I've been using FaceBook for nearly a month now…

Kinds of Fun

Sit10 commented on my last entry that a friend had once told her that there is a difference between what men and women find funny. Men laugh because they think,…

Identity Management

We joined millions of other Americans yesterday and went to see The Dark Knight. An interesting side note regarding my previous comments about immediacy--the movie opened Friday and the current…
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Game or Sport?

While we were in Barcelona, I picked up the European (Summer Journey Double Issue) edition of Time magazine because it's about the games that people play around the world. A…

Reading 2.0

On our trip to Barcelona, I brought several novels as well as a couple of non-fiction books related to my work life with me. I can't stand being on a…


Spain (and probably most of Europe) is way ahead of us in terms of energy conservation. Flying into Barcelona, we were struck by how many wind farms there were in…

Back Online

We got home last week from Spain. Great trip and only a little interaction with technology. We did find a place in Barcelona that offered free Internet access and so…

Unplugged Vacation

We're leaving for Spain tomorrow. For the first time since 2000, we are not bringing a computer on vacation with us and so we will be completely unplugged. I'm looking…

Dr. Mario Online Rx

My latest addiction on the Wii is Dr. Mario Online Rx. It's a puzzle game (very similar to Tetris) that came out as WiiWare on May 26, 2008. WiiWare games…
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