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I recently wrote about being connected while traveling and said that I didn't think it was necessarily a good thing. A recent study suggests that too much connectedness, called hyperconnectivity,…

A Tale of Wii Woe

I suffered my first (and, I hope, only) Wii injury last night playing tennis by myself against the computer. Because I was only going to play a match or two…
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Wii Fitness Age

The Wii has a lot of features that you can use with the basic set up. One of the most popular seems to be the fitness test that comes with…

King of Kong

A few weeks ago, Ann, Greg, Evelyn and I went to the Red River Theater in Concord and saw King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters. I was prepared to…


Ian Bogost's keynote presentation at this year's Game Developer's conference is about the notion of interdisciplinarity. Interesting stuff.

Games for Little Ones

The other day, Evelyn and I were in BJ's in Tilton buying large quantities of gum and soap when I spotted a display of games for the Wii. I've been…
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Email Problems

We have been having some email problems on campus this week. I'm not sure what's happening but I do know that our email server will be updated in some way…
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Desktop Layouts

My friend Ann (who, despite being one of the most astute critics of the technological life that I know (or maybe because of that fact--don't you love the parenthetical to…

Games as Rhetorical Tools

My friend Beth sent me information about a game that has been making some headlines in England and France. It's called Miss Bimbo and apparently there are about a million…

Online Viewing

Living in central New Hampshire means that access to independent cinema can be problematic. I've been a NetFlix subscriber for about 4 years--I've appreciated the range of their offerings and…

iPods and the “Real World”

There have been a number of stories in the past few weeks linking a rise in violent crime rates to increased popularity of small electronic devices like the iPod. The…

War–A Game-like Activity

I teach a class called Creating Games that fulfills the Creative Thought requirement within our general education program. The class is focused on game design principles that can be used…

Buying a Wii

So is it strange for a 45-year-old woman to covet a Wii? I've been intrigued by this game system since I first saw one two years ago. So I finally…

Dance Dance Revolution

One of my favorite ways to pass a cold New Hampshire evening is to play Texas Hold'em with a group of friends. One Saturday night in late January, I went…

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The desert of the real is Jean Baudrillardโ€™s phrase that explains our lives today. The phrase was made popular by Morpheus in The Matrix, when he shows Neo that the…
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