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A Possible Return

I have been away for an entire academic year. It was my intention this year to find time to regularly write entries about various technology and society issues. But it…

Tumblr Review-Part 1

As I wrote in a previous post, I have been testing Tumblr as a way of consolidating my web contributions in one place.  After using the site for a couple…

New Tumblr Site

Because I spend my time thinking and writing about today's online media, I have a fairly significant web presence.  I write this blog.  I have a web site and a…
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Zero Views

Recently, my favorite NPR show, On the Media, had a story about an interesting blog called Zero Views.  The blog celebrates "the best of the bottom of the barrel" by posting…

Conspicuous Consumption

I've commented on this blog before about my love of the status update, both on FaceBook and Twitter.  I love reading about what my friends are currently doing and regularly…

Blogging for Health

The June 2008 issue of Scientific American has an article called "The Healthy Type", which is about the therapeutic value of blogging. Research reported in the February issue of The…
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