Reflective Essay

First draft due: April 22, 2019

Final draft due: May 8, 2019 (during final exam period)

Summary: You will write an individual reflection paper to articulate what you have learned related to the course learning objective and the Habits of Mind through your participation in this class.


Recall that the course learning objective is: Students will articulate, develop, plan, and implement a signature project that addresses the topic of the particular section of the course.

Recall also that the Habits of Mind are: purposeful communication; problem solving; integrative perspective; and self-regulated learning. The details of what each of these Habits of Mind encompasses can be found here: In addition, the benchmarks for determining a student’s level of achievement can be found here:

In this assignment, you will write a paper in which you describe the specific activities you undertook in articulating, developing, planning, and implementing the signature project. The paper should also explain how you practiced each of the Habits of Mind by providing specific examples of such practice. These examples should point to actual work that YOU did. For example, when demonstrating purposeful communication, you might quote a passage from the project that you wrote and reflect on the context for which you wrote it as well as how you used particular language suited to the audience of the interactive journey map in order to achieve our particular purpose. In other words, you should use the signposts on the benchmarks to explain why you did what you did and how the activities addressed the signposts.