Tentative Schedule

Tentative Schedule

Like much in this class, we will determine the schedule together. It will be challenging to decide on what the schedule will look like at the beginning of the semester since so much of what we do on one particular day in the class will depend on what we’ve learned together in the preceding days. I have some ideas about how the class will start and how the class will end but we will fill in the rest together.

Added Jan 28:

***Running Feb 19 to April 4 are Panther for a Day events in which a prospective student can shadow a current student***

***There are also Admitted Student events happening April 1, April 15, April 19, and April 22–I’ll announce the times once the schedules for those days are released***

The “Out of Class Assignment” should be completed before you come to class on that date.

Date Topic In-Class Out of Class Assignment
Wed Jan 23 What is this class about? What were your experiences with PSU before you came here as a student? What made you decide to attend? What do you wish you knew then that you know now?

Visit from Jason Moran about the admission funnel

What is Hypothes.is?

Bring your laptop or tablet to class today. Let me know if you don’t have one so we can work something out.
Mon Jan 28 What are we designing? What are we doing in this class? How will the class run?

Discuss syllabus, Habits of Mind, on-boarding journey map, Assignment 1, and develop questions for visitors from the Admissions Office.

Visit from Hannah Andritsakis about the journey map

  • Read and annotate this syllabus
  • Read and annotate the Gen Ed Habits of Mind
  • Look at the infographic for the Habits of Mind (which can be found here)
  • Review the PSU on-boarding journey map (handed out in class and available on Moodle)
  • Read Assignment 1 (which can be found here)
Wed Jan 30 Who are we designing for? Talk with visitors from the Admissions Office Finalize your questions and be ready to ask them
Mon Feb 4 What is design? Discuss the reading for today Read and annotate the following:
Wed Feb 6 What is the PSU on-boarding experience? Discuss the journey map revisions for Assignment 1 First draft of Assignment 1 is due
Mon Feb 11 How do we design? What is good design? Discuss the reading for today

Create a persona that you will be developing the final journey map for. There are examples on Moodle of personas (under Course Resources--Hannah's materials from her first visit). There is a submission spot on Moodle if you'd like to use it.

Learn how to use Twinery: http://twinery.org/

Here is our prototype plan

Read and annotate the following:

Wed Feb 13 Winter Carnival NO CLASS Complete assigned Twine piece. See Sam's Google Doc for assignments
Mon Feb 18 Revised understanding of PSU On-boarding journey map Assemble Twine Components

Discuss our revised understandings of the PSU on-boarding journey

Discuss which pieces we might like to work on

Discuss what we still need to know in order to work on the journey

Complete assigned Twine piece. See Sam's Google Doc for assignments

Final draft of Assignment 1 due -> This will be moved to a later date

Wed Feb 20 How do we design? What is good design? Discuss the reading for today

Talk about our prototype--when is it due? Who will we show it to?

Read and annotate the following:

Sat Feb 23 Open House What does PSU currently do with prospective students? This is not a required event but if you can attend some or all of it, you will learn a lot about how PSU engages with prospective students when they visit campus.
Mon Feb 25 I will be away You will meet as a group to practice your presentation!
Wed Feb 27 ****Presentation of prototype to admissions team****
Mon Mar 4 We will work on our next presentation in class and discuss individual projects and how they relate to the group project Individual assignments due as well as assignments students have given themselves
Wed Mar 6 ****Presentation of prototype and overall project to Marketing Communication and Creative Services team****
Mon Mar 11 Spring Break NO CLASS None
Wed Mar 13 Spring Break NO CLASS None
Mon Mar 18 Work day--we will use the class period to work on the first draft of the larger prototype. We will also discuss plans for your individual projects and how they relate to the group project
Wed Mar 20 What still needs to be done on the larger prototype? Individual pieces for the larger prototype are due
Mon Mar 25 Work period--pull the prototype together
Wed Mar 27 Present prototype to visitors
Mon Apr 1
  • Develop plan to finalize prototype
  • Talk about a written report about the project--develop plan to complete it
  • Talk about posters
  • Talk about next project
  • Talk about reflective essay assignment
Wed Apr 3 Changes to the prototype are due

Review of the FYS section in the Moodle registration orientation page is due

Mon Apr 8 Research about client (design and implementation) reports is due--post either on this site, your blog, or in Moodle
Wed Apr 10
Mon Apr 15 Poster is due
Wed Apr 17 I will be away at a conference NO CLASS None
Mon Apr 22 First draft of reflective essay is due
Wed Apr 24
Mon Apr 29
Wed May 1
Thu May 2 Showcase of Student Engagement You will present your ideas at the Showcase Be sure to arrange your schedule so that you will be able to attend this extra-curricular event
Wed May 8: 11am-1:30pm Final Exam period Present your ideas to the Admissions team Prepare a written report as well as an oral presentation

Final Reflection Assignment is also due.