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Creative Commons Certification

I just started a new certification program developed by the Creative Commons organization. The description of the certification says, “The CC Certificate powers you with knowledge to better advise your institution on creating and engaging with openly licensed works. You will learn how to adapt and innovate on existing openly licensed materials–keeping your institution’s knowledge base relevant and up to date. You will also learn how to best support learners accessing a wider array of open knowledge resources. Finally, the Certificate equips you with the skills needed to meet open licensing requirements increasingly present in government and foundation grants and contracts.” I don’t know exactly what I will do with this certification. But I’m committed to the open movement and so this certification fits into my work on open educational resources, the IndieWeb, Domain of One’s Own, and open pedagogy.

The first assignment asked us to create an artifact of some sort that tells the Creative Commons story. I decided to create a kind of timeline using Prezi. I’ve only used Prezi once a while ago when I was trying to get a sense of the tool so I could help my students use it. So doing this assignment involved not only learning the content for the assignment but also learning a new (to me) tool. It was fun! I’m using the free version of the software so I can’t download my work to my own site which is something I didn’t realize until I was too far into the project to want to start over with some other tool. So all I have to share is a link to my final product which is here. For future projects, I want to try to make sure to use tools that allow me to own my own content on my web site.


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I am currently Professor of Digital Media at Plymouth State University in Plymouth, NH. I am also the current Coordinator of General Education at the University. I am interested in astrophotography, game studies, digital literacies, open pedagogies, and generally how technology impacts our culture.

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