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Hearts Beat Loud

Nick Offerman (of Parks and Recreation fame) plays a likeable dad who owns a record store in this movie. He has raised his daughter alone after his wife’s death in a bicycling accident. His daughter (played by Kiersey Clemons) has just graduated from high school in New York and is spending her summer taking a pre-med class before heading to UCLA to become a doctor. Dad is a musician who loves to jam with his daughter but she has witnessed his failed dreams of rock stardom and wants no part of the music business. She is, however, crazy talented and so when he uploads a song they recorded together to Spotify, it becomes an indie hit. This is a feel good movie that doesn’t give in to what the audience might want to happen. It avoids some obvious tropes (Clemons’ character gets involved with a woman but this is dealt with matter-of-factly as no big deal) and because of that, the story feels fresh. The only reason I didn’t give this movie five stars is because it’s not particularly challenging or deep. But that’s ok. It doesn’t make you think a whole lot but it does make you feel.

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