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Bohemian Rhapsody

I loved this movie! I had read some not so great reviews and so was completely prepared to be disappointed. I recognize and even agree with the criticisms but despite them, I thoroughly enjoyed Rami Malik as Freddie Mercury. The music is fun and even though much of the life story shown is not actually true (how he met his last partner, for example), Malik was amazing in capturing the charisma of Mercury. I loved the scenes of the band recording Bohemian Rhapsody with all kinds of weird effects. It was so fun! The last 20 minutes of the movie shows a near flawless recreation of Queen’s Live Aid performance in 1985. I watched the actual performance when I got home and was even more amazed at how perfectly Malik matched Mercury movements and gestures. Ann and I listened (and sang along to) Queen for the entire car ride home and I’ve been listening to almost no other music since seeing the movie. I guess I just needed a reminder of how much fun music those guys created. Despite the fact that it is typical biopic fare, I would even go see this movie again!

At the Concord Regal with Ann, Pat, and Al


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