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The Favourite

For my last movie of 2018, I went to see The Favourite. I’m a huge fan of Olivia Coleman and she is so good as Queen Anne. I also really enjoy both Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone who play Sarah and Abigail, two women vying to be the queen’s favorite. I loved this movie. In fact, it may be my favorite movie of the year (or should I say “favourite”?). The cinematography is awesome, often distorting the scene in a kind of grotesque manner which matches the grotesque behavior of the characters. This movie portrays the royals and their court as entitled and out of touch. Queen Anne in particular is portrayed as almost a tantrum-throwing toddler, greedy in her demands and appetites. Coleman does a great job with these scenes. She deserves an Oscar nomination for this performance. Weisz and Stone are great in their roles as well. There is nothing about this movie that I didn’t like. Big thumbs up!

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