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Photographing the Ordinary in 2018

I take a lot of photos, both with my phone and with a DSLR. I decided to end this year by sharing 12 photos, one for each month in 2018. Each photo represents my favorite (for a variety of reasons–not always because it was the best) taken with my phone during that month. (I cheated…

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Complex Lives, Tragedies, and Empathy

As the General Education Coordinator at PSU, I’ve been working on the First Year Seminar Poster Symposium since before the Fall semester started. Like everyone else involved in the event, I cleared my calendar for the evening of Wednesday, December 5 so that I could attend. That Wednesday was during the last week of actual…

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Implementing Cluster Pedagogy in the General Education Program

I am excited that Plymouth State University is the recipient of a grant from the Davis Educational Foundation to implement Cluster pedagogy in our General Education Program. I have written about this grant application before and quoted the application’s definition of Cluster pedagogy. Cluster pedagogy is the set of characteristics that bring the four tools of…

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Thematic Pathways Revisited

The PSU General Education Committee is starting the conversation in earnest about what Gen Ed thematic pathways might look like. I wrote about this earlier this month, placing my thoughts in a larger context. Here’s a more succinct definition of a thematic pathway: A thematic pathway in General Education is a set of courses in…

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Everything Old is New Again: Adventures in the IndieWeb

I’ve written about my forays into the IndieWeb movement before. I have even written about how I feel like I’m moving to a philosophy of sharing my work that is kind of old school. Last week, I had the occasion to see a perfect example of how the “new” ways that I’m working are actually…

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floral spirograph design

Design as a Component of General Education

I have long been interested in design. I started my career as a computer scientist. I had fallen in love with programming at the age of 15 and wanted to be a software developer. I loved to come up with new and unique software solutions to tasks that were important to me. I learned an…

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Book cover

Edward Tufte: Visualizing Data

I went to a one day course in Boston at the end of October led by Edward Tufte, the author of many books on data and information visualization. I have long admired Tufte’s work, having read The Visual Display of Quantitative Information a number of years ago. He creates beautiful books full of graphs and maps…

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Hands, United, Together

Connected Learning: Thematic Pathways in General Education

I have been doing a lot of presentations and having a lot of conversations about General Education at PSU and its relationship to our Integrated Cluster Initiative. In particular, we have increasingly been discussing what the phrase “cluster curriculum” means. And I have been turning my attention increasingly toward the idea of thematic pathways within…

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Habits of Mind infographic

Communicating about General Education

Communicating about all the exciting things happening in General Education at Plymouth State University has been a major focus of my work for the past couple of weeks. I have been working on a series of infographics, web pages, and short presentations to get big points across quickly. For example, I created an infographic to…

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Creative Commons Certification

I completed the Creative Commons Certification class last month and received my certificate yesterday. I strongly encourage anyone interested in open educational resources, open pedagogy, or alternative licensing for creative works to complete the course. It is a ten-week, online course and, although I thought I knew a lot about copyright and Creative Commons licensing,…

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Capstone image

Integrated Capstone Course for General Education

One of the President’s Four Tools of Clusters is an integrated capstone experience for all students. PSU’s Integration Connection (INCO) course was originally designed to be a capstone course for the General Education program but over the years, we have not used it in this way. The idea to return to our original intention for…

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Advocating for “Open”

Because NH students have the highest student loan debt in the country, I think every instructor in public higher education in the state has an obligation to minimize student expenses in whatever way we can. One of the things faculty can individually control is our choice of educational materials. To me, this means that faculty…

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