What am I Passionate About?

Stressful. Overwhelming. Lost. 

Those three words describe how I felt during my college application process. What I have found in my research is, I am not the only one feeling this uneasiness. It is actually extremely common for students today to experience this. What I am interested in, is to find a way to ease this anxiousness.

Why?  Because I want students to choose their best fit higher education like I  chose PSU. I want to make the first year experience full of feelings of connectedness and ease. Let’s get started!

Here are some articles I found that were good reads and relatable to this topic:

Easing College Admissions Anxiety 

Taming the Admissions Anxiety

How to Discover and Address College Admission Anxieties 




Our class is making great progress to continue and expand our project into something usable for Plymouth State’s website. Last week, we met with the Admissions team to discuss our prototype, and they gave us the green light to continue making it.

This week, we are meeting with the marketing team to discuss our prototype and see if they have any suggestions to make.

As we move forward into the next few weeks, we will continue to develop our prototype, making it flow in a way that is useful to incoming students using Twine. We discovered that students have different time frames to complete certain documents, so we want to make this document universal.