Now that the school year is over, and my time in Cathie’s class has come to a close, the only thing left to do is reflect. This class was a challenge for me, but it taught me the ups and downs of working with no real guarantee of a reward. But now as I sit in my new job (that I can thank this class for!) I can already see how the skills I learned in this class have changed my outlook and work ethic. Everyday when I sit down for work I have to collaborate, come up with new ideas, and expand on ideas from others. I have to edit using WordPress, (which is the website you’re on now!) and use HTML. If I didn’t have this class, I wouldn’t feel motivated to go that extra mile for my new job, not knowing if there truly is any positive outcome. What you do gain out of your hard work is work you can be proud of, people around you who will value as a trustworthy person, and pride in yourself that you’re trying to make a difference in your work environment.
I just want to thank everyone in this class that helped me learn something about myself, and to Cathie for always pushing me to achieve more.


Our class is making great progress to continue and expand our project into something usable for Plymouth State’s website. Last week, we met with the Admissions team to discuss our prototype, and they gave us the green light to continue making it.

This week, we are meeting with the marketing team to discuss our prototype and see if they have any suggestions to make.

As we move forward into the next few weeks, we will continue to develop our prototype, making it flow in a way that is useful to incoming students using Twine. We discovered that students have different time frames to complete certain documents, so we want to make this document universal.